Learning from Latin America Scottish Conference 2012


Phil McGarry, SVSC and Vicky Grandon, Scottish Cuba Solidarity Campaign


Latin Lessons – what Scottish politics can learn from Latin America

Elaine Smith MSP

Sandra White MSP

(Overview – why Latin America gives us hope

Democracy in Venezuela – why Chavez won)


Messages from the other America

Fidel Narvaez, Consul, Ecuadoran Embassy

Jacobo Torres, International Coordinator of Venezuelan FBT (STUC equivalent)

Dr Francisco Dominguez, Middlesex University and Secretary of the Venezuela Solidarity Campaign

 (View from Ecuador

 A trade unionist’s view of the Venezuelan revolution

Translating from Latin America across the Atlantic)


Making Education Popular – two views

Dr Liam Kane, Glasgow University

Guillame Long, National Higher Education Council of Ecuador

(Popular Education in Latin America

Radical reforms for Higher Education in Ecuador)