Support shown from across the world as President Chavez recovers from cancer

Support shown from across the world as President Chavez recovers from cancer & returns to Venezuela

It has been announced today that President Chavez is now back in Caracas, whilst following President’s Chavez announcement that he is recovering from cancer, messages of support have come from across the world wishing him a recovery.

Previously, President Hugo Chavez made a speech from Havana on Thursday giving the latest details on his health, having fell ill in Cuba whilst on a regional tour. He said that following an urgent operation to remove a pelvic abscess, some cancerous cells were detected, and this led to a second surgical operation to completely remove the tumour.

In a live statement (which can be viewed with English subtitles here) he said:

"Despite the favourable general progress, there appeared some suspicious cells that had not been detected before. Therefore, another series of special studies took place immediately (.) which confirmed the existence of an abscessed tumour, with carcinogenic cells, and this led to another necessary surgical operation which removed that tumour completely."

He explained that after the second surgery he has continued to progress well, while receiving complementary treatment to fight the different kinds of cells which were detected.

President Chavez also said he has remained in charge of his nation's affairs been in constant contact with his cabinet, "I have kept and I keep informed and commanding the actions being taken by the Bolivarian government and in permanent contact with Vice-president Elias Jaua and with all my cabinet," he added. Over the weekend, he also met with various Cabinet ministers.

Support Shown

President Chavez also spoke of how he appreciated the solidarity expressed by several heads of state that have sent to him their messages wishing him to recover, as well as the messages he received from the Venezuelan people and people across the world. VSC has sent a statement, which can be read below.

A march showing support for Hugo Chavez will take place on July 5 to celebrate Venezuela's 200th anniversary of independence from Spain. Already, on July 3, a mass march of Venezuelan young people filled the streets of Caracas to express their support.

Meanwhile, Venezuela"s Foreign Affairs minister Nicolas Maduro has urged right-wing opposition groups to respect president Chavez's health condition, saying "it seems these people are not able to understand humane problems and respect human beings," and added that it was sad they give priority "to their political agenda and political calculations."

Internationally, in Bolivia, Vice-President Alvaro Garcia Linera expressed his country's support for Chavez, saying that Bolivia “sends him [Chavez] strength for his return, and hopes to see him again with that same energy and integrity that has him leading the processes of social betterment for the Venezuelan and Latin American peoples.”

Statements of support have also come from the governments of Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Cuba, Peru, South Korea and elsewhere.

* President Chavez is regularly tweeting (in spanish) and you can follow him on Twitter @chavezcandanga . You can tweet your statements of support to President Chavez (@chavezcandanga) and use the hashtag #palantecommandante.  You can also read President Chavez's address to the Venezuelan People, in English, here

* VSC message of support to President Chavez:

Dear President Hugo Chavez,

We learned about your health condition yesterday and send you our most sincere and strongest support and solidarity.

We wish you the speediest recovery in this new battle you have to confront.

Under your leadership, Venezuela has shown that through the path of democracy and social justice, it is possible to transform the lives of millions of people for the better.

Our thoughts and those of people across the world are with you. We hope that this support gives you strength at this difficult time.

Dr Francisco Dominguez
Venezuela Solidarity Campaign, Great Britain