I was misrepresented on Chavez - Chomsky

US academic Noam Chomsky accused the Observer newspaper of "extreme dishonesty" today after it claimed that he had "turned his guns" on Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez.

The Guardian was forced posted a full transcript this week after the professor accused its sister paper of selectively quoting from an interview.

The article quoted him as having criticised Mr Chavez for undermining Venezuela's democracy under the headline: "Noam Chomsky denounces old friend Hugo Chavez for 'assault' on democracy."

Mr Chomsky said following its publication that "The Guardian/Observer version ... is quite deceptive. I should know by now that I should insist on a transcript with the Guardian, unless it's a writer I know and trust.

"Let's begin with the headline: complete deception," he said. "That continues throughout. You can tell by simply comparing the actual quotes with their comments.

"As I mentioned, and expected, the [New York] Times report of a similar interview is much more honest, again revealing the extreme dishonesty of The Guardian."