Maduro allies murdered in their home

VENEZUELA’S leaders called for calm today while officials investigate the murder of Socialist Party congressman Robert Serra and his partner.

The 27-year-old, a close ally of President Nicolas Maduro, and Maria Herrera were “vilely killed” in their house, according to Interior Minister Miguel Rodriguez Torres.

He said the motive for the killings remained unclear.

Mr Maduro expressed his “immense pain” on Twitter, adding: “We’ll follow your example, always true and firm on the path of the revolution, which you defended with such passion.”

National Assembly president Diosdado Cabello visited the crime scene in Caracas neighbourhood La Pastora.

“To all of our comrades, all of us who feel indignation and anger, we ask them to trust the public prosecutor and all of the institutions that are investigating and we will find all the people responsible for this crime,” he told news agency teleSUR.

Mr Serra rose to prominence as a student leader making fiery speeches in defence of the Bolivarian revolution, later becoming Venezuela’s youngest-ever parliamentary deputy when he was elected aged 25.

Mr Cabello praised his commitment to progressive causes, saying that “whenever a militant was needed, he would be there.”

Ruling party PSUV’s youth wing added its “heartfelt words of sympathy” for the youth activist.

Initial reports suggested the pair were killed with a “sharp implement,” though there were also rumours that gunshots had been heard.

Mr Cabello said more information would be revealed following investigations.