Venezuelan Embassy in the UK Statement on the Election

Addressing the fact that the CNE is Venezuela has carried out an audit of 54% of the votes cast in Sunday's elections, more than any other audit of this nature in the world, and that this has confirmed Nicolas Maduro's victory, a spokesperson for the Venezuelan Embassy said, “Venezuela enjoys a solid democratic system and rule of law, with a long electoral tradition. According to our Constitution, it is the National Electoral Council (CNE) alone that oversees elections and issues results. The CNE, which is recognised worldwide, has declared Nicolas Maduro the winner of the presidential election with 7, 563,747 votes and a lead of 262,000 votes. This is the second highest number of votes obtained by a presidential candidate in Venezuelan history. The CNE has carried out an audit of 54% of the vote, as is stipulated in Venezuelan law, and this has confirmed this result. In the past, the Venezuelan opposition has ignored the electoral authority and in doing so has faced rejection both in Venezuela and the wider international community. The opposition is once again doing this."