Comment from UK observers to Venezuela’s Presidential election after the close of ballot – Venezuela

Speaking after the close of voting in Venezuela’s presidential election, two of the UK observers to the election commented on the process being free and fair:
Neil Findley, Member of the Scottish Parliament said:
“From the opening of the polls this morning, we have observed a very efficient, secure and sophisticated electoral system. The people of all parties who we spoke to praised the way the election was run and raised no concerns. The poll was free, fair and robust”.
Adrian Weir, Assistant Chief of Staff at Unite, Europe’s largest union said:
“Nothing I have seen suggests anything other than a Nicolas Maduro win. The ballot was free and fair. The count was equally transparent and signed off by party witnesses including those of the Caprile’s coalition, the M.U.D. I’ve witnessed a robust system”

Andy de La Tour, actor and screenwriter, said:
“The international observers are satisfied that the election has been free, fair and transparent. Voting went smoothly and the opposition witnesses in the polling stations told us they that they were satisfied that the voting had been fair.”