Support the Work of VSC: No More Pinochets in Latin America!

No More Coup Plotters in Venezuela!

The recent decisions of the U.S SenateCongress & elements of the Obama Administration to indicate support for fresh sanctions against Venezuela, have shown why we urgently need your support to step up our campaigning.
In this context, you may recall that I wrote earlier this year asking for your support in an emergency financial appeal. I am delighted to say we have now raised over £8000 of our £10,000 target & would ask you to donate today to help us reach our goal.  
If 500 people in total donate £20 we will raise enough to continue to increase our impact, so please give what you can to help us expand our work. 
Best wishes,
Matt Willgress,
VSC National Co-ordinator
PS: If 100 more people donate £20 we will raise enough to increase our impact at this vital time.