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No More Coup Plotters in Venezuela!

The recent decisions of the U.S SenateCongress & elements of the Obama Administration to indicate support for fresh sanctions against Venezuela, have shown why we urgently need your support to step up our campaigning.
In this context, you may recall that I wrote earlier this year asking for your support in an emergency financial appeal. I am delighted to say we have now raised over £8000 of our £10,000 target & would ask you to donate today to help us reach our goal.  
If 500 people in total donate £20 we will raise enough to continue to increase our impact, so please give what you can to help us expand our work. 
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Matt Willgress,
VSC National Co-ordinator
PS: If 100 more people donate £20 we will raise enough to increase our impact at this vital time.

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Twelve years ago today the temporarily successful 2002 US-backed coup against Hugo Chavez took place. Now, Venezuela’s revolution is again fighting for its life. The former ruling elite are seeking to create the conditions to justify a coup & external intervention, accompanied by an international wave of media misrepresentation, including in Britain.
To respond to this emergency VSC has launched an emergency financial appeal for £10,000 - We are loudly saying No More Pinochets in Latin America- No to Extreme Right-Wing Coup Plotters in Venezuela! If 500 people donate £20 we will raise enough to increase our impact at this vital time.
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Recent weeks have seen a wave of terror against the population from extreme Right elements, some even resorting to putting diesel in water supplies, others attacking a housing programme’s HQ and its neighbouring pre-school, & numerous deadly, militarised street barricades being set up. The threat of US sanctions has been put on the table.
Responding to these threats is crucial in the months ahead. Your support to enable us to do this is absolutely vital.
Already, our response to the US war mongers & coup plotters has been internationally praised & extremely effective. Now, reaching our £10,000 target has the potential to significantly increase everything we are able to achieve, & launch a range of new, hard-hitting initiatives, just when we need it the most.
All of this happened & our campaign is effective because we are ordinary people & activists willing to stand up for Venezuela. Unsurprisingly, we don’t get hand-outs from big corporates or wealthy individuals. We rely on everyone contributing what they can to make it work & ensure we have the maximum impact.
Together we have ensured:
·         187,000 Guardian readers in addition to 100,000s online saw our statement signed by more than 100 leading figures from across society supporting peace & dialogue, getting coverage from Latin America’s premier progressive news outlet Telesur.
·         Our FAQs document was internationally circulated & acclaimed, including by Eva Golinger & Oliver Stone as a must read - the latest example of us producing the best information available.
·         The challenging of media misrepresentation, including by bringing together academics from 14 universities to challenge misrepresentation through an Open Letter to the Guardian.
·         10,000s of new people have found out what is really happening through our Facebook & Twitter pages.
·         Packed meetings in our No More Pinochets tour have seen hundreds hear about what’s really happening.
But now, as the wave of extreme right-wing, anti-democratic violence in Venezuela continues, we need to do more. So please take a minute to give what you can, to directly fund the work you want to see to defend the amazing legacy of Hugo Chavez.
Now we want to:
·        Ensure that as many MPs as possible sign our European statement supporting Latin America’s work for peace & dialogue & opposing proposed US sanctions.
·         Roll out our ‘No More Pinochets ‘ tour, organising a dozen more meetings.
·         Send regular myth busting briefings to journalists, MPs & opinion formers.
·         Make our May 10 national conference the most successful solidarity event yet.
·         Create new & innovative social media content to get the message out to 10,000s of new people.
If 500 people give £20, we will raise enough to ensure we increase our impact at this vital time.
We get a lot done with surprisingly little money. We are extremely efficient. But it isn't free. Funding can be a problem for organisations like us.  Please therefore donate what you can today.
Regardless of whether or not you’re able to donate right now, thank you for everything you do for Venezuela – it is greatly appreciated both here & in Venezuela.
Matt Willgress
National Co-ordinator, VSC
PS: You can also donate by cheque made out to ‘Venezuela Solidarity Campaign’  & marked ‘Emergency Appeal’ to VSC c/o Unite London & Eastern Region, 33-37 Moreland Street, London, EC1V 8BB.
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Take Action - Lobby your MP to Support Latin America's Work For Peace & Dialogue in Venezuela

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Please take 30 seconds to ask your MP to add their name to our European statement on Venezuela supporting the work of UNASUR (Union of South American Nations) for peace and dialogue in Venezuela, and opposing proposed US sanctions on Venezuela.

Click here and Take 30 Seconds To Ask Your MP to Support Peace & Dialogue in Venezuela & Oppose Proposed US Sanctions

Ask your MP to oppose US sanctions on Venezuela


TAKE ACTION: Click here to ask your MP to oppose US sanctions on Venezuela!

The US government has recently imposed sanctions on the Venezuela state-owned oil company PDVSA, which Venezuela has described as "a hostile action on the fringes of international law that violates the principles of the Charter of the UN." More information and responses are below – including from ALBA and the actor Sean Penn - and you can support Venezuela by asking your MP to support our statement against the sanctions, by clicking here

The statement has already been endorsed by numerous cultural figures including Linton Kwesi Johnson and John Pilger, trade union general secretaries, writers, academics, student leaders, community representatives, peace campaigners and others. It reads: “We oppose the decision of US government to impose sanctions on the Venezuela state-owned oil company PDVSA, when no action of any kind undertaken by Venezuela contradicts any principle of international law.  The sanctions have been described by Venezuela as "a hostile action on the fringes of international law that violates the principles of the Charter of the UN," and rejected by Venezuela’s elected National Assembly.

This is the latest in a series of violations of Venezuela’s sovereignty in recent years. It reflects an increasingly hostile agenda being driven by the Republican Right, following its successes at last November's US elections, which have led to it controlling a number of important foreign affairs committees.

This hostility includes a stated desire by leading right-wing republicans to add Venezuela to the US list of "state sponsors of terrorism" and has seen substantial increases in funding of Venezuela opposition groups. It also comes within the context of a build up of US military bases in the region in recent years, which many see as a threat to the region’s stability.

We believe that in the run-up to Presidential Elections in December 2012, it is up to the Venezuelan people alone to decide their own future, free from external interference, and call on all governments to respect this right."

Remember to ask your MP to oppose the sanctions by clicking here !

Opposition to US Sanctions on Venezuela Grows:

In Venezuela and around the world, an increasing number of countries, organisations and prominent individuals have expressed their opposition to the sanctions:

  • A Venezuelan government statement (read it in full here ,) in response to the US announcement, expressed “its strongest rejection to this decision since it constitutes a hostile action on the fringes of international law that violates the principles of the Charter of the United Nations” and reaffirmed the country’s right to self-determination.
  • An ALBA statement demanded “the United States ceases once and all for the aggression against Venezuela, [and]to give unconditional respect to the decisions we take in the full exercise of our sovereignty." It also reiterate the will of ALBA "to consolidate social justice and solidarity as the guiding principles of Latin American integration” (read the full text here .)
  • Nicaragua and Ecuador's ambassadors to the Organization of American States used the opening of the 41st session of the OAS to condemn the sanctions. Nicaraguan Ambassador Denis Moncada accused the US of attempting to "destabilize regional peace and security," whilst Maria Isabel Salvador, from Ecuador, expressed the "energetic rejection" of her country, calling the sanctions an "attack against all the [Latin American and Caribbean member] ALBA countries."
  • The acclaimed US actor and progressive activist Sean Penn (see his full letter here to Hilary Clinton) has written a piece condemning the sanctions and commenting that, “the American people have grown accustomed to hearing the Venezuelan president referred to as a dictator, not only by media representatives but by members of the leadership in both parties,” adding that “this is a defamation, not only to President Chavez, but also to the majority of Venezuelan people; poor people who have elected him president time and time again.”

Many thanks for your support,

Venezuela Solidarity Campaign